Listen to Your Customers!

As marketers, we tend to focus a lot on the customers of clients…and for very good reason. What our clients’ customers think and do matters to our customers. This can’t be stressed enough.
Explains Drew McLellan in his blog Drew’s Marketing Minute: “We spend way too much time in ‘I think I know’ land…when it comes to customers. We make huge decisions based on ‘my best guess is’ or ‘it seems like… .’ There’s absolutely no reason…to not know what your customers are thinking.”
McLellan suggests some great ideas to find out what your customers think. One way is inviting a variety of customers to sign up to be “secret shoppers.” After every experience or a certain period of time, have them fill out a form and rate performance, quality, and other feedback you want. Give them some type of reward each time they provide feedback.
Another idea, and something that we here at BlueSky like to think we know a thing or two about, is creating a customer survey. Online customer satisfaction surveys allow you to gain important insight about how your organization is doing. Data compiled for you by your survey tool can be used to make changes that positively affect your business’ bottom line.
When it comes to customer surveys, don’t be afraid of the response. As McLellan explains it, “just ask them already.”
And once you ask for feedback, you need to follow up. “Be sure you close the loop by telling what you learned. Let them share in the insights you gained AND tell them what you are going to do with this new knowledge.” There are a variety of ways to this, says McLellan, such as a letter from the CEO, a newsletter article, a blog, or a Facebook fan page.
“No matter what method…let them know that you appreciated their time and that they were heard,” says McLellan, adding that “closing the loop [also] reinforces the message that you care about their opinion, you listen when they offer feedback and you are always trying to get even better.”
On that note, how are we at BlueSky Creative doing? Let us know! And let us help you find out how you’re doing with your own customers as well.

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